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Here at, we have always been enthusiastic about what can be built using this product; the new FastClamp handrail guide added yet more possibilities. The latest comprehensive guide from our friends at Fastclamp has a selection of new fittings and plenty of information on how to put them together. This latest blog will explore some different uses of this quality product, showing possibilities for that converted loft space or even in the garden. As always if you ..
For a full range of galvanised handrail tube sizes get in touch with us at; we can offer good quality, galvanised handrail tube at competitive prices. To match the tube quality we can also provide the full range of Fastclamp galvanised handrail fittings to complete any job in hand. Most galvanised handrail systems are installed in either 32mm or 40mm nominal bore, but we can provide galvanised handrail tube in sizes from 20mm to 50mm nominal bore. Both the tub..
Fastclamp handrail can be used to complete many installations and one of the most common are stairway handrails. With the right pipe and Fastclamp handrail, the end result is excellent, long lasting and safe. When installing stairway handrails it is important to abide by the simple rules required under British and European Standards that cover all types of handrail installations. Here at, we offer the complete range of Fastclamp products and galvanised tube ..
Steel Handrail solutions are best approached from the perspective of quality assurance, that is to say, purchase from a quality assured source by using an ISO 9001:2008 registered company such as ours; and importantly buy a quality assured product manufactured by Fastclamp. Steel handrail from FastClamp ticks all the boxes for quality, choice and availability; by adding quality European manufactured galvanised handrail tube BS EN 10255:2004 the assurance of a quality installation is complete. To..
The primary use of FastClamp handrail fittings is obvious, but the possibilities as was stated in the title are almost endless. In the 32 years, I have worked in this industry I have seen bed frames, carports, swimming pool enclosures and many other structures built from galvanised handrail fittings and galvanised medium tube to BS EN 10255:2004. Besseges (VTF) Ltd and have been a Fastclamp handrail fittings distributor for many years stocking a wide range of fittings ..
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